The Social Sciences Student Union

Samhällsvetarkåren is one of 9 student unions at Lund University

The Social Sciences Student Unions main task is educational coverage and quality assurance at the Faculty of Social Sciences. But our actual task is much wider than that. We create job fairs to connect social scientists to the labour market, we arrange a wide spectrum of social events and we represent the social scientist students voice at Lund university. The student union is important to continue to improve your education, but also to maintain a good relationship between students, professors, the faculty and university leadership. The student union aims to ensure that you will learn and experience as much as possible in your education while also having fun and being a part of the social activities that makes your time at Lund University memorable. At the Social Sciences Student Union, there’s something for everyone.

Get active!

At the Social Sciences Student Union there’s plenty of ways in which you can get active. Do you want to influence your education by becoming a student representative? Are you interested in how to connect social sciences students to the labour market? Are you into organising social events? Below you can read about the different areas of the Social Sciences Student Union and how you can get active with us!


The students at Lund University has a lot of power and ways to influence the education. As a student representative you represent your fellow students at your department. You get to influence the literature, the study environment, equality work and so much more. You also get a lot of valuable experiences for the future. To find out more about becoming a student representative go to or contact

Labour market

If you are interested in connecting social sciences students to the labour market and work with strengthening the identity of social scientist then you should join Career Contact Group (CCG) or iProject. As a part of a labour market project group you organise case-events, inspirational lectures and workshops in order to help social scientist students develop useful skills and knowledge about the labour market. To find out more visit or email


We plan events big and small throughout the year to welcome new students to the faculty, thank our active members, and make the student experience generally more fun for all our members. If you are interested in events, you can join the event committee. We plan everything from outdoor hikes, clothes swapping events, after works, gym sessions and online gaming nights. So if you are creative, organised and a person who likes working in teams you are welcome to join the event committee. To read more about what we do go to or email