Welcome to Lund University Student’s Projekt Sex, shortly called P6, is an independent organization working for Lund University’s students to promote sexual health on a physical, emotional and social level. Our goal is to generate a larger awareness of sexual health and a safer sexual behavior among the students in Lund.

We work with a method called peer-education, where peers educate peers. We spread information, hand out free condoms and are available for help and support when needed. All students are welcome to our office on the 3th floor in the AF-building.

We also host a big lgbtq+ community at our regular events Cafe Tove and Rainbow afternoon which function as a discussion forum respectively safe community space. Projekt 6 also cooperates with a lot of other groups and student organizations.

You can find out more about what we do at our website www.projekt6.se! P6 is a recognized student association within Akademiska Föreningen (AF) and a collaboration partner of Riksförbundet för Sexuell Upplysning (RFSU).

Our committees and board positions

Currently P6 is divided into several committees and responsibility areas. Below you can find out more about them:

  • Outreach has responsibility to make P6 visible outside of our own members and already established platforms. Outreach holds workshops at nations, hand out condoms during novish activities, and the ones that handle our collaborations outside of AF borgen.
  • Education initiatives has the responsibility to host our regular education evenings events which are lectures hosted by both our own P6 educators or officers and guest lectures.
  • Marketing and Social Media is the committee that markets us on social media and helps us create eye-catching posters and such for the organisation and its events.
  • LGBTQ+ initiatives is our previous mentioned lgbtq+ group which hosts regular events including game nights, migle sessions, workshops and lectures.
  • Members engagement has the responsibility to organize our Basic Education Program which our officers have to attend and other members activities.
  • Internal communication someone has to help us coordinate with ourselves and manage the board email so we created this position solely for that! 
  • P6 Ambassador projekt 6 has a lot of different formal collaboration agreements and relations, therefore we created this position to make the communication more streamlined and to further encourage organisational collaborations and idée exchange.
  • Radio P6 is our old-new committee for any radio activities that we are hosting. The radio committee works a little bit different than the others since it is more overlapping with the whole organisation and that anyone can apply to help it out or to come as a ‘guest speaker’. 
  • Kassör is our position for our economical management, handling our transactions and making sure our bills are getting paid!

Basic Education Program

Every semester we host our traditional Basic Education Program which useally takes place during two days and consits of many diffrent lectures and workshops on topics about sex, sexuality and peer-education.
Our officers have to either participate during the Basic Education Program or have other experiences or educations that align well enough to qualify for any officer position. This semester the program will be hosted on the 6-7 of february and will be completely free of charge and on zoom. You can find out more about it on our facebook page.

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Facebook: Projekt Sex
Instagram: p6lund