That’s okay. We are a baby organization born amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, nice to meet you human! 👋👶

So, what is HubAI?

– Good question! We are a student organization aiming to provide a multidisciplinary outlook on the potential issues and gains associated with Artificial Intelligence. Think about it: why do we only ever hear about it in the engineering context? We want to popularize it as a research interest among the local students by inviting speakers from various fields and industries, as well as have a little bit of fun in between our formal events.
P.S. while all of our current “fun” involves sad beach party backgrounds on Zoom, do not worry! Once the pandemic is over, we’ll get to do so much more as a community 🎉

What types of events are you offering?

– So far, we are offering talks and panel discussions with industry experts and well-known researchers, in addition to recently launching our first coding bootcamp in cooperation with Compute! More interesting things are coming up, so stay tuned by following us on Facebook!

Who would benefit from joining HubAI?

– Apart from all the geeky-minded people and technology enthusiasts, HubAI welcomes everyone who wants to win the labor market competition with their understanding of smart technology and coding skills. As we put effort in this association, we realize that Artificial Intelligence is applied in almost every field nowadays, so we are giving you the chance to learn more about this tool of the future (or the present?)!

P.S. Bear in mind that networking is as important as the lectures themselves, so you can use this opportunity to get to know the speakers and students from different fields.

Hmm…But who’s behind it all?

– Here we are, all studying completely different things but sharing one passion:

Bottom row, left to right: Maricar (Vice President), Tish (President & the mother of HubAI), Melika (Secretary), Lily (Treasurer & meme supplier)
Upper row, left to right: Bart (Head of Communications), Alisa (Head of Liaison)

Our turn to ask a question!

Social Science students, when was the last time you talked to engineering or medicine students? What about the last time you actually had a mutual work-related topic to discuss or developed a solution together? In HubAI we believe that many problems of our society come from the lack of understanding and conversation between different people. Many executives agree that being able to see the big picture is one of the top skills for their applicants, so use this opportunity to broaden your horizons and understand how other disciplines ‘think’ about the same issues!

HubAI is nothing without you humans 🤖! We want to get to know you, so please reach out 🖤:

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