Lund Student Theatre is a theatre and stage art organisation within the Academic Society. We gather people who have an interest in theatre in any way, shape or form. Whether that’d be through acting, directing, scenography, tech, make-up, costume, writing, or just a general interest and curiosity in theatre-related things!


Open Office Hours: Come and meet a board member to ask questions or suggest an activity
-When: Mondays and Thursdays 12:00-14:00

Monday Activity: Come and join us for a new activity every other week
-When: Monday 1 Mars 18:00

PHRODUCTION PHRIDAY! Games centered around Drama
-When: Fri 26th February 18:00

Wednesday Improv: Join us every other week and play some fun improv games with exciting members!
-When: Wednesday 24th 18:00.

Join us on

Facebook: To find out about our upcoming and previous events
Discord: One of our tools for Monday Activities and Wednesday Improv
Slack: To join in with larger projects and have a say
Or email