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General information:

Samhällsvetarkåren (The Social Science Student Union) works with quality
assurance and educational coverage at The Faculty of Social Sciences. But we don’t only make sure your education keeps a high standard, we also work with connecting students to the labour market and with social events.

At the Social Science Student Union, there is something for everyone! Our union house Samvetet is centrally located in the Paradis area, right next to the University building and 5 minutes from the central station. If you have questions or want to find out more about what we do you can stop by during our drop-in hours Tuesdays & Thursdays 11-13.

Read more about what we do, who we are and how you can get active with us at 
If you’re in Lund on the 22nd of September, drop by Samvetet at our Ice cream mingle! Get some free ice cream and chat with the fulltimers and board members of Samhällsvetarkåren.

We’re open between 11-16, see you there!

Labour market:

The Social Sciences Student Union works to strengthen the bridge between social scientist students and the labour market. In order to accomplish this we organize case-events, inspirational and informative lectures, mentorship programmes and our annual labour market fair SAMarbete.
If you are interested in the labour market area and want to become active we have many ways in which you can do so. Besides having a fun time during your studies, it provides an opportunity to develop your skills, grow your network with external parties and add something to your CV.

Do you want to be a part of the project group for SAMarbete?

SAMarbete is a labour market fair with the purpose of creating a place for
employers and students to network. It is also a place where students can get inspired what they can do after their studies as well as meeting future employers, and organisations can meet future employees.

The project group help organize this day together with the labour market coordinator.
For more information about the fair and the different positions within the project group see our webpage

Do you want to be a part of Career Contact Group?

Career Contact Group (CCG) organizes events and activities with the purpose of creating a possibility for students to interact and network with organisations and companies.

Do you want to be a part of iProject?

iProject is an initiative which seeks to help international students in their process of finding an internship, part-time or full-time job in Sweden.

We also organize labour market events that are in English. The aim is to give scholars a starting point which may help them overcome the barriers related with being new in the country and are interested in the Swedish labour market.

Do you want to become active within the labour market area or have any exciting ideas how the Student Union can strengthen students’ connection to the labour market?
Feel free to contact us at:


One of the student union’s most important tasks is to improve the education by influencing the faculty, the whole university and the Swedish government.
To do so the Social Sciences Student Union elects student representatives.

At Lund University we students have a lot of power. Wherever the education is planned there are opportunities for the students to take part and have influence. At all departments there are spots reserved for students in different groups to share their experience and shape the education.
By being a student representative, you can be involved in making decisions about, your syllabi, course literature, the quality of the education or the equality plan. The student representatives are elected by the student union, and now we open up all vacant positions for you to apply to!

As a student representative, you gain valuable experiences for your future jobs. You will very early on learn about governmental authority, organisational development board work and rights and regulations. You are also counted as an active member of the Social Sciences Student Union and are invited to the union’s events such as brunches and sittnings.
You get access to our union house Samvetet where you can study, heat your food or hang out with other active members.
You will also receive an active kit, medal and an invitation to our SAMball!

If you are interested in influencing your education, please contact


At the Social Sciences Student Union we work with many heavy and important questions, but we also have a lot of fun. We plan events big and small throughout the year to welcome new students to the faculty, thank our active members, and make the student experience generally more fun for all our members. If you are interested in events, you can become active in the ball committee or join the event committee.

The event committee is a group that meets roughly once every 1 or 2 weeks and plans events throughout the year. In addition to some larger traditional events which we run every year – the Christmas party and spring party- the event committee has a lot of freedom to propose and create events that interest them.
For example in the past they have run sustainability drives, afterworks, halloween parties, gym taster sessions, and hikes.

So if you are a creative, organized person, who likes working in a team you are welcome to join the event committee! Email to find out more.

Samhällsvetarbalen is the Social Sciences Student Union’s ball, held in Spring every year. The ball is designed to celebrate all social scientists in Lund and give our members a great reason to be proud of where they study.  The project group works from October to create an extraordinary evening- you can apply to join this project group by emailing: