The Science Student Union (LUNA) represents all 1800 students studying at bachelors or masters level at the Faculty of Science at Lund University. The operation of our student union can be divided into three major areas; EducationCareer and Recreation.

The broad range of work we do in LUNA is divided between 10 committees specializing in different topics and types of activities. You can find the full list of committees further down. The 6 different student councils organize the students opinions and representation on the local level at the different institutions. They also arrange fun events where you can meet people studying similar topics as you.


The main objective for the Science Student Union (LUNA) is to monitor and participate in the development of education and conditions for students at the Faculty of Science. The main tools for doing so are the elected student representatives, both at faculty level and department level, elected  by the union parliament and the student councils respectively. They represent the collective student opinions in all deciding organs throughout the Faculty of Science. The union also serves to facilitate the student list of rights which is a written agreement between the students and the university regarding your rights and obligations as a student at Lund University, and see to that it is followed.

Through collaboration with LUS (Lunds Universitets Studentkårer), SNaK (Sveriges NaturvetarKårer) and SFS (Sveriges Förenta Studentkårer) we make sure that the student opinion at the Faculty of Science is heard even at university and national level.

Career: ATLAS

Our Corporate Relations Committee creates interfaces between science students and their future careers through the ATLAS project. Through our three branches; Alumni, Career and Seminars we give science students the tools necessary for success and allow them to connect with alumni and company representatives under relaxed circumstances.


We want to play a par tin making your time in Lund fun and engaging, while creating opportunities to make many new friends. Therefore LUNA organises many different recreational activities throughout the year. At the start of the academic year our amazing mentor commitee arranges the novisch period for new students. Our anual ball UTOPIA is usually held in march of each year. Committees such as the Gender and Equality Committee regularily arrange discussion evenings on interesting topics. The Sports committee tries out different types of physical activities throughout the year, and the student councils all arrange more fun events all the time.