Welcome to Östgöta Nation; Lund’s first and most central nation! Barely 100 meters from Lundagård you will find a place full of tradition and a sense of community, which offers all of Lund’s students an obvious meeting place apart from their studies. Craving good food? Or maybe at a party? We have something for everyone!

Come by our enrollment office on Adelgatan 4 to find out more, and check out our social medias and website to stay up to date on the nation’s activities! You can find us at www.ostgota.nu, Östgöta Nation on facebook or @ostgota on Instagram.

The nation

For over 350 years, Östgöta nation has offered social activities to students at Lund University. As Lund’s first nation, we have a lot of experience and therefore dare to say that we know what we are doing. We are a gathering place intended to enrich your time in Lund, which should without a doubt be seen in retrospective as the best time in your life! With us you will find friends for life, the most festive parties, the tastiest food, the coziest hangout and much much more!

Do you want to get involved? At Östgöta Nation, everyone is welcome to the
committees, regardless of previous experience. We want, through our various committees, to give our members a place to develop, where they get to learn a lot about themselves, cooperation and leadership. Whether you want to get better at your favorite hobby, improve your leadership skills, or apply theoretical knowledge from your education, our nation offers a perfect setting where you can do all this to develop both personally and professionally.

Do you have a lot at school and need a break? Our recurring activities right now are; Tuesday lunch, and pubs every Thursday and Saturday. Under normal circumstances, we have a pub every other Thursday and a club every other Thursday and every Saturday. Due to existing restrictions and to reduce the spread of infection, clubs have been replaced with pubs. At Downtown, our Thursday club, hip-hop and RnB is our music of choice, and at Sunset, our Saturday club, we play house music. When it comes to our food committees, ÖG is proud of the high quality we offer when it comes
to food. All our food prepared by our lunch foremen who plan the menu themselves, and offer meals at a favorable price. The pub has homemade high-class burgers, which can be enjoyed with a wide range of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Of course we also have the best food for our sittings, one of many the things ÖG is known for and of which we are very proud of.

The majority of our business takes place on the bottom floor of our house Ostrolocus on Adelgatan 4. In the rest of the house you will find our homes. Are you interested in living in Lund’s most central nation? Fill in your application at www.ostgota.nu!


The circus has arrived in town! Our Novice foremen, Ilda Kahrimanovic and Victor Alphonce, together with the nation’s wonderful and excited mentors, will be welcoming all this autumn’s new members. The novice period is a great way to get to know new friends, create memories for life and gain valuable experiences that you can only get during your student-time. Our novice period starts on September the 7th and lasts until September 19th.

The period includes various activities with everything from a traditional pentathlon on the introductory day to a city sightseeing-walk that ends with a soap-football championship! The week will also offer an informal-sitting, a pub night and an ÖG-exhibition where you’ll get to meet our foremen and get a chance to know most of our various committees! Everything ends with the novice party, a formal-sitting where our new members are welcomed into the nation and become real Östgötar, and abrunch the day after!

As excited as we are? Come by our enrollment office at Adelgatan 4 to register to the nation and our novice period! Our foremen there will happily answer all of your questions! You can also find out more at www.ostgota.nu/nyilund or about our novice period at Facebook.

ÖG likes to party

At Östgöta nation, we love to party and celebrate our ancient traditions and sense of community. In addition to our two recurring nightclubs, special events for foremen, and vieri-parties for the committees’ workers, we offer a lot of festive parties open to all our members! Many of these will happen this autumn, albeit on a smaller scale! Amongst others, you may expect the traditional punch-party, a traditional event that will take place on 20/11. The punch party is a re-emerging tradition and we’re longing for it’s comeback!

A recurring must is our yearly Christmas Party. Christmas decorations are hung up, Christmas food fills the tables and Santa Claus also comes to visit! All members of the nation are welcome to the Christmas party where the dress code is dark suit. If you want to hear more about the autumn’s, or spring’s major events, such as our Last of April celebration (Valborg), and our First of May lunch (Finalborg), our foremen will be more than happy to tell you about this at our enrollment office at Adelgatan 4!

Fest Filbyterium Lundense

The second weekend in October is traditionally a ball-weekend for Östgöta Nation. Hundreds of guests arrive at the AF-borgen for our nation’s most glamorous white-tie event. To enjoy a formal dinner, followed by an after party. The whole ball-weekend ends with a ball-lunch at the nation in our finest animal onesies. Unfortunately, this year’s ball is canceled due to the current situation with Covid-19. Instead, we will hold a smaller white-tie event for our foremen and members, to maintain this tradition that we hold very close to our ÖG-hearts.