Are you new to Lund? Perhaps you’re not from Sweden and you don’t know what to expect or how life will unfold in the new place you find yourself. We know that feeling. A large portion of our members are international students and moved here from other countries, and the remaining part have moved here from all over Sweden. We know how it feels not knowing what to expect. We found a place at Kalmar, and we are sure that you will do so too! Kalmar is the nation with the highest coziness factor in Lund. Located in the middle of the city’s beating heart, we become a great gateway to student life. We’re one of the smaller nations, which makes us a tight gang where you certainly will find friends for life.

Every Tuesday and Friday we open our pubs. Pub Ölkällaren offers the visitor a great hangout if they feel like they need a break from studies. Pub Kaggen is the alternative Friday-hangout through a nice pub atmosphere, or the best starting point for the weekend with our fantastic homemade burgers. Apart from pubs, we offer lunch every Thursday, and hold language cafés, game nights,hikes, and a wide range of other activities on a regular basis. We also pride ourselves in holding the only English-speaking spex in Lund, an excellent opportunity for one to live out their theatrical dreams – be it on stage or behind the scenes – regardless of what your mother tongue is.

Every term we also offer Novisch Week; a week full of activities dedicated to newly arrived students in Lund. This term the theme is the APOCALYPSE. You can sign up via our web page!