Who are we?

The Lund Cheerleading team is an association meant for students in Lund that want to practice cheerleading. Every autumn we have a tryout and admit about 30 new members that meet once a week to rehearse a choreographed routine. We aim to perform at events here in Lund as well as take part in national- and international competitions.

Our current team consists of 31 people and was chosen after our second tryouts on September 20th 2020. The students in the team come from almost every faculty of the university, with both Swedish and international student. A minority has previous experiences in cheerleading, but most tried the sport for the first time and really evolved during the year. To be part of Lund Cheer is a fantastic opportunity to get to know new people while practicing an exciting sport that allows you to develop your strength, body control and dancing abilities.

Due to increased restrictions, many practices have been cancelled. But we have continued with strength-practice on Zoom! We hope to be able to get back to training again shortly.


If you would like to become a part of next years team, you may follow us on media or visit our website. After the summer we will post information about the next tryouts.

E-mail: lundcheerleading@gmail.com