Build rockets with us!

Lund Aerospace and Rocketry Association (LARA) is a non-profit student association here at Lund University. LARA was founded in 2019 in order to encourage more students to develop their practical engineering and problem solving skills by building rockets and developing most of the components from scratch.

Have you ever wanted to learn how to run computer simulations in order to optimize the design a rocket? Code electronic devices that are used to gather flight data? Design the body, wings or the parachute mechanism? Build a rocket engine that runs on a hybrid fuel that you made yourself? All of the above are things that the LARA teams are currently working on for our 2nd generation rocket LARA Croft.

Does this sound cool? Of course it does. Join us! We don’t require you to have previous experience working with rockets. We welcome anyone and everyone. You join our association by becoming a member through this link. It is free and entails no commitment, so you have nothing to lose. All of our members are welcome to any event that we organize and events that our parent association Astronomisk Ungdom organize. If you want to do all of the cool things we mentioned above, then I think you would like to join one of our teams.

Our teams

Operations in LARA is divided into four teams: Structures, Propulsion, Electronics & Software and Public Relations. In each team there is a team manager and members — perhaps you! The team manager leads the group and ensures that their team members have tasks to perform. If you’d like, you can join more than one team. It all depends on you and how eager you are to work towards LARA’s mission!

You join a team by filling out a form. There is more detailed information about each team in the form. If you want to join more teams then you simply fill out the form more than once.

The teams have regular meetings, and if you’re not sure which team to join, then you’re welcome to join any team meeting to try out what is the best fit for you!

Do not hesitate to contact us!

Join our Slack workspace if you want to have updates about meetings and other news. Or why not check us out on Instagram?

You can also always contact us at if you have any questions. 

We hope to see you again!

One of the first launches of LARA Avara.