Come as you are

Kalmar is the nation with the highest coziness factor in Lund. Located in the middle of the city’s beating heart, we become a great gateway to student life. As Lund’s premiere pub nation since 1696 we have a great selection of drinks and an exceptional tavern atmosphere. Besides our pub the English language Spex (comedy-musical-improvisation theatre) is what makes as even more unique. Being the biggest of the smaller nations, makes us a tight gang where you certainly will find friends for life.

Regular events

Pub Ölkällaren

Tuesdays 18 – 01

Pub Ölkällaren is Kalmar Nations Tuesday pub since 2016. For this pub, we serve something different every week. Come and enjoy our great drink selection and order dinner for just 50 kr!

Lunch Neptuni

Thursdays 12 – 14

Our Thursday lunch is always a surprise. We let our foremen decide the menu, and as a result we’ve experimented with dishes from all over the world! Lunch includes fresh bread and dessert for 45 kr!

Pub Kaggen

Fridays 18 – 01

At Pub Kaggen we offer homemade burgers. Our kitchen foreman gets the freedom to compose their own burger each week. Come and enjoy our drink selection, as well as our burgers for 50 kr!

Novisch Week

Novisch Week is a whole week dedicated to new students! The word “novisch” means someone that is new at Lund University. We’ve all been new before, which is why we love showing new students around! Every semester, Kalmar Nation organizes a fun week of lighthearted competition for new students. Usually, we split new members into teams, each with a veteran Kalmar Nation member to guide them through fun team-building tasks and collect points. Participating in our Novisch Week is the easiest way to get involved in Lund’s student life fast!

This semester, to welcome you to Lund, we’ll take you on a magical experience across Lund with mighty dragons soaring in the sky, friendly gnomes engaging in mischief, elegant mermaids hidden in the watery depths and the elusive unicorns trotting along with poise! You will be in one of the four teams wherein you will be joined by wise veterans in the realm of Lund as your mentors. Together you will use your skills and wits to conquer various task and challenges!

So come see us on Sept 20th, where the adventure awaits!

Ready to sign up?

The sign up period for Autumn 2021 begins August 23rd. This means we can sign people up to the nation! The office at Biskopsgatan 12, Lund will be open 10 am to 18 pm on weekdays until September 17th with people to help with sign ups and answer questions. When you come, bring proof that you are studying and a valid ID or passport.

Due to the pandemic, we can also sign you up for the nation if you send an email to with proof of studies, a picture of your ID, and your personal number (temporary one works as well).

If you have questions about signing up, feel free to contact us at!