Socialist – Feminist – Antiracist Musik och politik, kärlek och revolt!

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General Info: Smålands Nation was founded in 1668. In 1972, we became the first socialist nation, and in 2007 we went fully vegan! We are not part of Studentlund, so this means that everyone can join our events, even if they don’t have a Studentlund ID. As we want to be inclusive and open, we have decided to conduct our meetings, events, and most of our lectures in English.

Membership: To become a member, you can come by our office during opening hours and pay the registration fee. It costs 190 SEK. This semester, we are open from Mondays to Fridays, between 15.00-17.00. As a member, you get a discount at the entrance fee to most of our clubs and pubs, the right to vote on nation meetings, the right to apply for scholarships, and the right to student dicounts. Additionally, members can also volunteer at the bar, the kitchen, and the different clubs and events. You can also organise your own events! It’s a great way to get to know people and to learn new skills. Together with other active people, you can create the Smålands you want to see. You can find out more by joining the Facebook group ’Volunteer at Smålands’ and by joining our ’Get Active meeting’, which happens at least once per semester! Policy: Smålands welcomes everyone, including non-students. This is an intersectional feminist space and we have zero tolerance for acts or words of discrimination, racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism.

Event Schedule:

Tuesdays: Feministcafé Ronja (every other week) and Vegan Food Café (every other week) 

• Wednesdays: Pub Night 

• Saturdays: Club Night 

• Sunday: Kalles café (vegan brunch) 

• Once a year, we also organise the KPV (kulturpolitiska vecka), the cultural political week. During KPV, we host a variety of lectures and workshops, we invite bands and performance artists, we screen films, we hold discussions and have avant garde and diverse clubs and parties. • Other events: Political workshops | Lectures | Movie Screenings | LGBTQIA+ clubs | Live music |STINA: the political committee | Dackekuriren (nation’s newspaper) | Smål Talk (podcast) | Indoor sports | Yoga etc.

If you have any ideas or want to organise events or any activities, you can always write to us and we’ll make it happen!

Contact Information: Smålands Nation Kastanjegatan 7, 22359, Lund 046-120680 

Office hours: Monday-Friday, kl. 15.00-17.00 

COVID-19: We are following the guideline as they are issued by Folkhälsomyndigheten and we are currently allowing up to 50 guests in all our events. When coming to the office, please remember that wearing a mask or covering your nose and mouth is both necessary and required. Act in solidarity, stay safe!