Hello and welcome to Amnesty’s student group in Lund! As the name indicates we are part of Amnesty International Lund, an independent organization working to keep human rights applicable to all, both now and in the future.

Our group, that consists of students at Lund university works with different Amnesty campaigns, in order to raise awareness and encourage participation in the fight for human rights, also putting pressure on the people in power.

The questions we work with change constantly, and can include all from consent laws in the Nordic countries to Indigenous peoples’ rights in Latin America. In addition to our campaign work we spend time together, eat lots of yummy fika and in general have fun along the way!

If you find this to be even the slightest interesting we really encourage you to participate in our first meeting on the 15th of September at 18:30, where we will tell you more about us and what we do (you can find more information on our Facebook site). You can also contact us on our Facebook site, Instagram or by email! We are also looking for new board members so if you feel like this might be something for you don’t hesitate to reach out!

Hope to see you soon!

Address: Östra Vallgatan 61, 223 61 Lund

Email: amnestylund.studentgroup@gmail.com

Facebook: Amnesty Student Group Lund https://www.facebook.com/amnestystudentgrupplund

Instagram: Amnestystudentgrouplund https://www.instagram.com/amnestystudentgrouplund/