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This is the page for Amnesty International Lund in general. To visit Amnesty Lund’s Student Group, go to

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Do you want to fight for women’s rights, the rights of political prisoners and environmental rights?  Do you want to fight a global fight for human rights on a local scale? Then join Amnesty International Lund.

Amnesty is a global grassroot organization pressing for human rights. On a global scale we are pressing for the rights of Belarusian peaceful demonstrators, the rights of indigenous peoples in the Amazon as well as documenting crackdowns on human rights. And we are making a change: We have helped to secure the freedom of thousands of prisoners who were imprisoned for exercising their human rights.

Amnesty International is a politically independent organization. We are not funded by government contributions. This is for us to be able to fight human rights abuses, no matter where they and happen and who is the perpetrator. We are a global organization, run by local activist-networks: networks such as Amnesty Lund. 

Amnesty Lund is a part of the global Amnesty-movement. Through our voluntary work, we help campaign for and finance Amnesty’s fight for civil rights. 

Join us for our Get Active Meeting on the 22nd of September at 18. Because of the current COVID-19 situation we will have to limit the number of attendees. Therefore fill in this Google Form to attend the meeting: 

Our groups are the following:

-The Student Group is Amnesty Lund’s biggest group and organized on several issues. For more information, visit their page

-The Business and Human Rights Group centres around human rights in business. Big Businesses can have devastating consequences for populations, their rights, and the environment. 

-The Women’s Rights Group. Again and again, we see how politicians attempt to stop women’s right to their own body; whether it is in Poland or in the State of Alabama. We see, how women’s rights are questioned and constantly tried to be taken away. Therefore, we put pressure on governments to stop misogynous policies

-The Second-hand Shop. In Amnesty Lund, we have a Second-hand Shop, exclusively run by volunteers. The profits from the Second-hand Shop go to Amnesty’s work for the protection of human rights. 

-The Book Fair. Every semester, we have a book fair. Like the Second-hand Shop, the profits from our Book Fair goes to Amnesty’s work for the protection of human rights. 

-Additionally, we are starting up a group on the rights of homeless EU-citizens, especially Romani’s, in Sweden. We see how Romani’s are discriminated against and their rights deprived. 

Take action and join Amnesty International Lund!