Welcome to Amnesty International Lund‘s page! We are a couple of different groups which you can read all about down below!

Amnesty Lund Student Group

Hello and welcome to Amnesty’s student group in Lund! As the name indicates we are part of Amnesty International Lund, an independent organization working to keep human rights applicable to all, both now and in the future. Our group is entirely made up of students and promotes forms of activism particularly fit for students.

What our group specifically does is to work with different Amnesty campaigns, in order to raise awareness and encourage participation in the fight for human rights, also putting pressure on the people in power. The questions we work with include women’s rights, LGBTQ+ rights, the death penalty, Indegenous peoples’ rights, and much more. In addition to our campaign work, we host fun online activities, spend time together, and generally have fun along the way! You can contact us on our Facebook site, Instagram or by email! Hope to see you soon!

Contact us!

Address: Östra Vallgatan 61, 223 61 Lund 

Email: amnestylund.studentgroup@gmail.com

Facebook: Amnesty International Lund https://www.facebook.com/groups/2021492414535115

Instagram: Amnestystudentgrouplund https://www.instagram.com/amnestystudentgrouplund/

Amnesty Business and Human Rights group in Lund

The Amnesty Business and Human Rights group in Lund is a group with the current aim of spreading awareness about climate change and its implications on human rights. The work is very flexible and we are always open to different approaches in attaining our aim. So far we have been organizing lectures with researchers from Lund University, had a film screening, ‘fikas’ and written a debate article on oil pollution in Nigeria done by Shell. If you’re interested in human rights and climate change, contact us at amnesty.lundbusinessgroup@gmail.com

Activist Group for the rights of vulnerable EU-citizens

The group for the rights of vulnerable EU-citizens is working on informing the vulnerable EU-citizens of their rights in terms of health care. We cooperate with Doctors In the World to inform about their clinic in Malmö. We are distributing information in English, Swedish, Spanish, Hungarian and Romanian. Do you want to join us? contact Maro Andersson at maro.anderssonlarsen@gmail.com or Sofus Rønberg at sofusroenberg@gmail.com.

Women’s rights group

Contact Sofus Rønberg for information – sofusroenberg@gmail.com.

Middle East – group

Contact Sofus Rønberg for information – sofusroenberg@gmail.com.