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Do you want to make a difference and steer our world towards a more sustainable future? Do you aspire to gain valuable work experience in an inspiring and encouraging team? Would you like to meet like-minded people and get new friends? Getting involved with 180 Degrees Consulting Lund will offer you a value-for-time volunteering experience and the possibility to achieve all these goals!

180 Degrees… wait, what?

We are the Lund University branch of 180 Degrees Consulting, the world’s largest university-based consultancy. 180DC is a non-profit providing socially conscious organisations with affordable, high-quality consultancy services. We work with non-profit organisations, social enterprises and socially-minded for-profit companies, such as startups.

Every semester, we are looking for motivated students from all disciplines at Lund University to work with exciting projects and tackle the problems of our clients. Our year consists of two project cycles: the fall term and the spring term. For every project cycle, we have new interesting projects with new clients, and for each project we recruit teams of consultants.

How can I jump aboard?

Right now we are open for new consultant and team leader applications for the fall term. The applications are open until the 13th of September. When applying, we ask you to write a brief cover letter and to attach your current CV. Please read the more detailed instructions on our website (see our contact information).

If you can’t apply or don’t get chosen for the fall term, don’t worry: we will open our applications for the spring term in the beginning of next year!

Why should I get involved?

We could be the perfect opportunity for you, if you are willing to create a positive impact. Besides doing something good for our precious world, our consultants and team leaders get valuable work experience with real clients and develop analytical skills – why not put your knowledge in action already during your studies? Additionally, you will get to meet new amazing people, experience strong team spirit and make fun memories in social events with the whole crew of 180DC Lund.

Who can apply?

We welcome applications from all Lund University students. We expect our consultants to be motivated, committed and keen on working in teams, but you don’t need to be a pro: we will provide you with training and support from our mentors, including several workshops. Will you join us to make the new year of 180DC Lund successful? We can’t wait to receive your application!

infoemail: lund@180dc.orgapplications: https://www.180dc.org/branch/lund-university
blog: https://www.180degreeslund.orgFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/180dclund/
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/180-degrees-consulting-lund